Hello world!

Where to begin?  Why don’t I start with by telling you that as of this morning I have decided to embrace the primal lifestyle in all of its glory. Considering that I can sometimes be extremely motivated in the beginning and then let things slip I am going to attempt to journal, blog or whatever you call this to keep myself and maybe others if I am lucky motivated.

Now if you know me I have a hard time indulging in anything that seems trendy and hipster and if there is nothing more trendy right now that crossfit and paleo I don’t know what rock you have been under!  I originally heard about Paleo from my friends roommate, who like me at the time was overweight and looking to make a change.  Now I do not know what sparked her to make the change, but I do know that over a year and a half later she literally half her size when I first met her.  When I saw the result I chalked it up to her having more time than the average person to cook this crazy diet and to adhere to it and seethed in my jealousy, but didnt think twice about it again.  Well that was until one of my closest friends took the plunge and join crossfit.  I rue the facebook postings about my WOD, my times, my weight loss and how AMAZING crossfit is and how my crossfit friends are the best.  God it drove me crazy!  Alright so enough of my aversion for crossfiters, but here is where I am at today.  I just turned 28 and I am 50-55lbs heavier than I was at 22 when I was graduating college as a Nutrition major from probably the best nutrition program in Texas.  As of today my 6″2′ frame is carrying around 241.4 lbs <——– that is not OK!  Over the years I have been dismally successful in loosing or even maintaining my weight between my 2 major career changes, partying all the time and falling in love with someone who has never been concerned about what he eats.  So here I am today.  I woke up very early this lovely Father’s Day, unwillingly I might add, and began to do some serious research about the premise of paleo and living primal.  Four hours later and a few blogs bookmarked I felt like I didn’t have a choice but to join in.

My concerns are this:  I love toast in the morning and chips, not to mention pitas, enchiladas, etc.  I also love dairy, however I have cut out most of the cheese I used to consume.  I also do not love veggies. I have a tendency to be a picky eater. The thoughts that were running through my head of how can I give up coffee creamer and toast in the morning and how on earth can I not eat my boyfriend’s family’s home cooking (just yesterday we had homemade chicken enchiladas, rice and beans)?  Well the answer is baby steps and a lot of planning.  Lucky for me I am an expert planner!

My first major step in the primal direction was making a crustless breakfast quiche for the week that I found on someone’s blog!  Thank God for Kerri and her recipe that made it seem like morning were going to be ok.


Step 2 – Just like all the websites tell you to I cleaned out my kitchen of all icky processed foods and trigger foods that I know will sink me.  It was painful I must say to throw away that bag of cheesepuffs we bought last night after drinking for 7 hours 😦

Step 3 – I searched for an alternative to typical coffee creamers and found something that seems AMAZING!  You have to check this blog out! I am trilled to try this recipe to attempt to make morning as normal as they were before this whole paleo concept took over my brain.


So there you have it.  My beginnings into the primal life.  I’m going to do my best to log the journey so that I won’t be discouraged or feel like it’s too tough, because in the long run the things you want most are always the toughest to obtain right?

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